Hello World

Well Hello there.

Welcome to Cameras and Kitties. This is the first blog I have written for many years, so please excuse me if it takes me a while to articulate properly.

So what is this all about then? Well firstly, I have always been interested in blogging, I love to hear about the thoughts and stories of people from around the web, it’s refreshing to experience things beyond what the mainstream media reports on. Getting this whole thing started has been an idea that I have been toying around with for a couple of years, however, for anyone who knows me in the real world, they will tell you that I’m pretty awkward and find it hard to express myself properly sometimes. I am easily intimidated by the loud, the opinionated and the extroverted, so have often chosen to keep my voice quiet.

The time has now come though, where I have decided, that with so many other people expressing themselves in this way, that there would be no harm in trying to add my voice to the blogsphere too. I don’t mind if nobody hears, I’ve always found writing my thoughts down therapeutic so there is no harm in trying something new. Hell ,I may even enjoy it, and by some strange twist of fate, maybe other people will too.

A little about me. My name is Laura, I am 30 years old and reside in Birmingham, UK. I am married to a gorgeous creature called Joe, and am cat Momma to my black and white moggy,Neko (hence the kitty part of the blog name) I originate from the South West of England, in a small, obscure town near Torquay, which very few people have ever heard of. I escaped 6 years ago trading fields, tractors and beautiful coast for busy streets, noise and a world I’d always been intrigued by. I finally feel at home.

Finally, the last point of note would be to mention that I am a Photographer (hence the ‘cameras’ part of the blog name). There, I finally said it, maybe I am finally comfortable enough to allow myself to wear that label. Of course,to those of you reading this who are also photographers, there is absolutely no shame in being a photographer, rather the opposite. Yet living in a world where everyone is a photographer these days, it’s taken me a while to feel that I am at a level where I can award myself that title with confidence. I no longer feel like a girl with a Canon. I shall speak more about this topic a lot more throughout the blog in future, so yes, here it is another brand new photography blog, just what the internet needs!