It’s Monday

Good evening all, how are we doing?

Well, a month has passed. This is not something which I intended to happen before writing again, however I expect given the halcyon days of this blog nobody has missed me. It’s a rather unremarkable Monday evening, Neko is currently going crazy chasing a fly around the landing – but he seems happy enough. So, here we go.

To start, I finally have my own laptop – finally! It’s been well over a year since my little pink dell packed up and died so it’s a huge relief to finally have my own little workmate again. Hopefully this means I can finally sink my teeth into keeping this updated and start sharing some work.

I’m currently still transferring a lot of files off my hubby’s computer where they have been stored while waiting to move to their new home. This work is from my most recent personal shoot. I say recent, this was actually back in July. I tend to work a couple of months behind the rest of the world, largely due to the fact that due to the day job, it leaves me with very little time to focus on my own projects. That and given that I’ve never really used a public platform to showcase my images before, this is actually a pretty scary experience.

It’s fair to say that while I like to consider myself a beauty photographer, or at least a wannabe beauty photographer, most other people would define me as a portrait photographer. I try hard to incorporate the entire body into my shots, but I am always drawn to the face. It’s a habit I’m trying to break, however when I’m editing it’s always those face shots that end up drawing me in.

So without further ado, and before I bottle it, delete this entire blog and switch the computer off I shall leave you with this.


Model: Immogen

Make-Up: Immogen

Studio: TipTop Photography LTD

Now I am off to spend the rest of my evening revisiting some of my favourite old grunge tracks. I feel like I should don a plaid shirt, stand in the corner with my hair covering my face and bop my head unenthusiastically.

Goodnight World.


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Self-Conscious Photographer and Crazy Cat Lady from Birmingham, UK.

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