Oh, January Melancholy

Very nearly made it an entire month without writing anything. Nearly. I wasn’t about to let it actually happen.

Firstly, wishing you all a very Happy 2016. The first chapter is over already, how did that happen? It feels like only yesterday we woke up the morning after my brother’s house party and made a very grim journey to the nearest Subway.

This is an image free blog, so if you were here to look at pretty pictures, look away now to avoid disappointment. However, this will be pretty brief, so if you’re trying to kill some time, read on.

My last blog, was very heavy, and as I re-read it again now, it feels somewhat remorseful. A lot has changed since then. Leaving the last year behind was a real eye opener and I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that positive changes are already in action.

Firstly, and most importantly, I handed my notice in at Sainsbury’s. It was kind of bitter sweet, but the feeling of relief that has washed over me assures me that it was definitely the right thing to do. I spent the best part of an entire day earlier in the month searching for jobs, freelance work or even casual things. I emailed around, knowing full well that this was quite possibly false optimism. However, it paid off. I responded to a month old ad on Gumtree, not expecting to even hear anything, but to my surprise, the next day I received an email asking to come in for a trial shift at the end of the week. Naturally, I was surprised, but pretty pleased to be offered the opportunity to try out. I won’t say what the job is for just yet, but I am so pleased to tell you, I start there on February 12th.

In other news, there is a new addition to the family. Her name is Leica. She is a tabby and white kitten, and I think even big brother Neko loves her, even though he is reluctant to show it. Pictures and other kitty related ramblings will follow shortly.

As I will officially be Freelancing again from the middle of February, this means more time for blogging, generally sorting my life out, and of course shooting. I have a huge shoot going on next weekend, and I’ve also purchased some studio time. There’s also a brand new project on the way. I need to experiment a little first, but I’m aiming to take it as far as possible and maybe even get it exhibited in a small, local gallery.

It hasn’t all been an amazing start to the year. There have been things which have knocked me for six and will require a lot of my time and attention over the coming months, but I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about any of that just yet.

Joe has also received good news in the career department. He begins his new job on March 1st, which just so happens to be our second wedding anniversary. Plans for that have been put on hold, but I think it’s worth it on this occasion.

Well, that’s about all for now amigos. Expect some more image heavy blogs coming this way in 2016.

Finally, Happy February!