Returning to Shooting

Between July last year and February this year, I found myself on a self-imposed hiatus due to the fact such a large amount of my time was consumed by work, travelling to or from work, and subsequently recovering from work.

In all the years I’ve been photographing, I’ve always tried to maintain an element of enjoyment, and make time to shoot for fun. This is possibly the longest period of time I have gone without really doing anything for myself besides taking the camera out for the odd walk on occasion. For me though, half of the fun comes from organising the shoots, the meeting of people to collaborate with and getting to work in amazing spaces.

It was quite hard to try and find my feet again after such a long break, my confidence as a photographer is pretty low at the moment so I decided that to ease myself back in, I’d attend a group shoot rather than try and take on the task of doing it all myself, just to see how things went.

Studio Antics was something I’d heard about before, so I decided to sign up for their event at Bryn Hall Arch Studios in Derbyshire. They had some great models attending and the cost was incredibly reasonable for a full days shooting in such a great place. Being on such a small budget, I had to be sensible, but I just really felt the need to try and get back into this before I  gave it up forever.

The day did not disappoint, I got to work with two models who have long been on my list of people I’d like to work with and they were both just as amazing as I’d imaged, both as people as well as models. I’m so glad I decided to attend. Shortly after I found myself organising two of my own shoots again. Result. Not only that, but I also began work on a new project which I have been planning for a while. It’s still in the very early stages, so I shall save that for another time.

However, for now, I shall leave you with my first finished set of images from the day. This is the incredible SINderella Rockafella. Enjoy.








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Self-Conscious Photographer and Crazy Cat Lady from Birmingham, UK.

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