For Leica

We lost Leica on Thursday. It was the most heartbreaking, soul-destroying thing ever. She was too weak to carry on, so we agreed the best thing would be to end her suffering. Her body was already shutting down when we got her to the vets, she just couldn’t carry on.

I miss her so very much. Just as grief had begun to free up some space in my head for other things, it has now rushed back in to occupy every corner of my mind once more. I will never forget you little one. You were meant to spend your short life with us, because nobody could have loved you like we did.


‘Do you have a name picked out for her?’

‘Yes, we’re going to call her Leica.’


October 2015-March 2016

In our Lives

January 16th 2016-March 17th 2016

St Gertrudes Day

How Ironic.

Love you forever Baby Girl.


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Self-Conscious Photographer and Crazy Cat Lady from Birmingham, UK.

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