Camera Casualty

Hello everyone,

After writing to you last week from under the sunny skies of my garden, it feels a bit crap to be back inside, hiding from the rain or whatever crappy weather being thrown at us next!

Sadly, one of my shoots from last week was cancelled, but I still got to go out and shoot a couple of little pink cameras. Cue, my first Camera Casualty! As anyone who has ever worked with film will understand, it can be a complicated process, many things can go wrong, so you need to be confident enough to relinquish some elements of control if you want to work with it.

I was shooting in town, with my Sister-in-law, Heather. We’d only been to two locations when the film ran out. Each film should come with 24 frames, sometimes more if you’re lucky, but this one died after we’d only taken 12 shots, annoying, but something we had to accept. We’re planning on going out again at some point to try again very soon.

When I went to collect my images the next day, there was a note on the packet. The man behind the counter explained that the film in one of the cameras had been jammed in the canister and had actually torn when they were trying to load it into the machine – that would explain why there were 12 frames missing. Luckily, the ones we shot were safe and I got some usable images from them.

So today, may I share with you the results from my most recent little pink camera antics.

Models are Heather and Alex.











Until Next Time.



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Self-Conscious Photographer and Crazy Cat Lady from Birmingham, UK.

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