Meet the Floofs

It’s an exciting day for those of you who follow this blog. I hope you are ready for all kinds of cuteness!

Yesterday, we received our first ever Foster Family, from the wonderful Fur and Feathers sanctuary. For those of you in the know about all things feline, we are now well into Kitten Season and the local sanctuaries are becoming inundated with pregnant females and their babies.

After losing Leica, I didn’t feel ready to adopt again just yet, but there was a part of me which felt I needed to do something to help other cats. There are so many in need and we have the most fundamental thing you can give them, a loving home. Therefore, we decided now would be a good time to begin fostering. Now here we are.

Introducing our new brood:

Firstly. we have our lovely Mummy kitty, Sakura.


She is such a sweet girl and a brilliant Mummy. We named her Sakura as all the Cherry Blossom trees on our street are in bloom at the moment, so it seemed to fit. She’s quite young herself, thought to be between 12-18 months old. She gave birth to her babies in a garden shed. Thankfully, they were all found and are now nice and safe.



Akemi is one of two little black kittens. She is a very cute little girl, she seems a little more shy than some of her siblings, but has a particularly strong bond with her sister. Akemi is Japanese name, meaning ‘bright and beautiful’.



This is Yuki, the other little girl in the litter. She’s a little bit mischievous and has already tried escaping from the bed a couple of times. She doesn’t get very far though! Yuki is another Japanese name, meaning ‘Happiness’.



This little chap is Finn. My husband got to name the boys and I got to name the girls, you’ll find out why he chose this name when you meet his brother.



Finn and Jake. These two little brothers love venturing outside of their bed and will try to escape at any opportunity – unfortunately, they’re not so good at getting back in! They are named after the characters from Adventure Time as they are super curious little guys who love adventure and will probably cause all sorts trouble when they get bigger!

So this is our little family for the next couple of months. I will be keeping you updated on all their adventures so please keep checking back for this, and more adorable photos.

I am so thankful to the ladies at Fur and Feathers for giving us the opportunity to foster. It already feels like a very rewarding thing to do, as they have all settled in so well. Please check out their website, and if you’re feeling generous, why not make a small donation or treat them to something from their wishlist? You can find the details here:

Looking forward to sharing more of these beauties with you all.


Take the love you have for me and spread it around.’


Never forgotten Baby Girl.



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